Time to Say Goodbye

Saying goodbye (photo: P Smith, wikimedia commons public domain)

Saying goodbye  (photo: P Smith, wikimedia commons)


This is the first of two Mass Choir selections for the District Choral Festival.  All voices sing.  It is in 4-part SATB.  Our men will be singing the bass part only.

In all the recordings, at measures 50, 51, and part of 52, there are no vocal parts, but the piano plays accompaniment to keep time so you can enter at the correct place for the finish.

Soprano part:

Download soprano part:  Time to Say Goodbye – soprano.mp3

Alto part:

Altos are taking the middle note whenever the women’s parts divide into 3 parts.  At the ending, in measures 53 and 54, altos are singing the top note of the alto notes, which are all stems down.  (The sopranos have the tied whole notes above.)

Download alto part:  Time to Say Goodbye – alto.mp3

Bass part:

Download bass part:  Time to Say Goodbye – bass.mp3

SAB –  Soprano, Alto, and Bass parts together:

“SAB” is an abbreviation (the first letter of each word) for “Soprano Alto Bass.”  This recording has all three parts that we are learning played at the same time. Do not use this recording until you think you can sing your part pretty well.

Download SAB parts:  Time to Say Goodbye – SAB.mp3

Piano accompaniment:

“Piano accompaniment” means only the actual piano part written in the music is played.  There are NO vocal parts being played.  This is what you will hear during the performance.  Before using this, you should be able to sing your part independently, that is, without help from the piano.

Download piano accompaniment:  Time to Say Goodbye – accomp.mp3


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